Monday, January 21, 2013

PRIMO VERDE: Batch Cheering..♥

The MOST awaited Event here at Beda is The Batch Cheering Competition!
Every Year, Each Batch is going to Compete for The title of the Best Batch Cheer! And Every BATCH have their own Special Cheer! ☺
I know that we are new to this game, But, I know that we the FRESHMEN.... Beat the Higher Batches! Let's Go FRESHMEN Let's GO! ♥☺
Last Batch Cheering... The Sophomores or The Juniors right now Won! So Their the defending Champion! So.. Who do you think is going to win this Batch Cheering Competition 2013?
Is It the Freshmen!? (Primo Verde)
or Is It the Sophomores!? (We're Watching You)
or Is It the Juniors!? (Tres Dictadores)
or Is It the Seniors!? (Ultimo Supremo)

Freshmen: Nature or Kalikasan! ♥
The First One to Perform. ☺

Sophomores: Egypt or Egyptian Dances! ♥
The Second One to Perform. ☺

Juniors: Bollywood Dances! ♥
The Third One to Perform. ☺

Seniors: Gladiator Theme Dance! ♥
The Four or the Last One to Perform. ☺

VERDE VERDE kayang kaya! ♥
VERDE VERDE kayang kaya! ♥
VERDE VERDE kayang kaya! ♥

 Great Team Building Freshmen! ♥
We have the best cheer and we've got the batch spirit! ☺
 Be Young. Be Freshmen. Be Fun. ♥

Go Sophies! ☺
Go Sophies! ☺

Cool Stunts! ☺

Air Stunts... They can do that! who are they?
They are The Sophies!
We're Watching you! Shhhhh.... ☺

Oh, Oh,Oh, OOOhh..... Juniors! ☺

They Got their Best Female Dancer in their Batch! ♥
What a High Kick Performance! BAM! ☺♥

Bollywood Effects! BAM! ♥
Give me an J-U-I-N-O-R-S ☺
GO! Tres Dictadores! Juniors! ☺

Hayya! Ultimo Supremo de Hayya! ☺

Best Costume!!! and Best Male Dancer! ☺

They are The Seniors! and they are willing to win this Batch Cheering! ♥
They go under the Freshmen, Thought Sophomores and Up to the Juniors...
Until they Reach their Ultimo Supremo! ♥

Four Batch United as ONE! ♥♥♥♥
"I Hear your Heartbeat to the Beat of the Drums!"
All of these are nothing without the PEP BAND! ♥
I want to be a Part of them! Drums!
Who that Handsome fellas their? Hahaha Charot!
Grade 7 & 3rd Year Pep Band... United Together! ☺
Even The 2nd & the 4th year Pep Band... United as One! ☺
Congratulation To Tres Dictadores or THE JUNIORS! for this year CHAMPION!
Congratulations to the 4th Year for winning the 1st Runner Up ♥
Congratulations to the 2nd Year that won 2nd Runner Up ♥
and Primo Verde.. Even thought we end up in the 3rd Runner Up! I bet that we can do better next time!

Congratulation to all the Batch Cheering Dancer that who work hard for the Stunts that they did! ♥

Live. Love. ROAR.
Animo SAN BEDA! Fight Team Fight! ♥

Nicole ♥
(Photos by: Rina Serrano)