Sunday, February 24, 2013

WNCAA '13 Cheerleading Competition ♥

Being able to Cheer to your School is a very nice opportunity to have.
But being Proud of it... Is the BEST thing! ♥

This is the first time that I watch a game cheering with the Pep Band or by means... 
Part of the Pep Squad! (not yet.☺)
I saw the performances of the different schools... and i think that they are Great!
But of course, for me San Beda is the BEST! ♥

"FEAR THE ROAR!" Can you spot me? ☺
The Pep Band ♥

GO San Beda FIGHT! ♥

Your Winner in our Hearts! ♥

Recognition! ☺

On three...1-2-3.. 
Go SAN BEDA Fight! ♥ 
Coach is surrounded by the SBCA's Junior Varsity Cheerleaders! ☺

I'm Proud to say that I'm a Bedan.. a True Blood Bedan,

even though I'm new in this kind of place... who know that i will fit in? ☺
Being in the Pep Band(or squad) is the nice thing that happened to me here.. Even though I'm not yet part of them...

You can Watch the WNCAA Reply on February 25, 2013(mon) at AKTV 6:30 pm.
You can also watch SBCA's Performance here at Youtube! ☺

"We may not even won, But the most important thing is that we made our families, school and the Best coach very proud! ♥" --Pam Dela Cruz ☺

Nicole ♥

(credits to: Tita Joyce Trinidad-Ferrer and 
Valerie Padagdagan for these photos, 
Thank You! ☺)

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