Saturday, February 02, 2013

Runway Revolution 2013

This Day! Is the Day that I been waiting for.... The Runway Revolution! 
Why? Because I been blogging a while now...  And for now...Haven't blog any Fashion Blog...
So to Start my Fashion Blog Entry... I wanted to start with a Fashion Show...
This is a Fashion show in school... Cause big fashion shows are too Mainstream... lol.. xD
Even though the Models are Amateurs... They with have a future job being a model! ♥
The Theme for this Runway Revolution is Calendar Girls/Guys...
(Inspired in: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012)
Sir Ricky Villanueva is Opening the Show with the Year's Runway Angel..
They Select some 4th Year Students to be one of This Year's Runway Angel..
The Contestants are:
Jonah Ravago
Nickk Taves
Jas Marie Sanchez
Vairo Velasco
Marella Camille Custodio
Nicole Dana Contreras
Joie Apostol
Dianne Riesgo
Ramon Barican
Renzmark Cabatingan
Hayee Yotoko
 With Special Guest Judge:
Ms. Janina Manipol
Let's Start with JANUARY!

Love is in the Air this... FEBRUARY!

Back-to-School... MARCH!

Let's go to the Beach-ch.... APRIL!

Making my way to a Flowery Day... MAY!
with SBCA's Chamber Orchestra.. ☺

I been Waiting for a Thousand Years.... JUNE!

That's My Adviser! ;-)

I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose... JULY!
Performance by Kassy Carpio and Bandmates! ☺

It's Heroes Day... AUGUST!

I Like his Barong... (Ombre!) ☺
You can't stop looking at me, staring me, Be what I be.... SEPTEMBER!
With SBCA's Pep Band and Pep Squad! ♥

Go San Beda Fight! ☺

Who run the world? Girls..United Nation Month.. OCTOBER!

I Like Ate Elisa's Shoes! Heeless! ♥

Black is the Color of this Month... NOVEMBER!

It's most Beautiful time of the Year.... DECEMBER!
Every Angel has their own Wings... Right?
The Selected Runway Angels are going to show their originality by means of their made-by-them WINGS!
Here they are:
A Very Sparkly Wings! ♥
Snowy Wings! Cute! ♥
It reminds me of Jack Frost... ☺ 
Lollipop Wings! Yum! ☺
The Biggest Wings in the Runway! ☺
I Like the Pink tutu skirt.. with a Simple Wings on! ☺
A Very Yummy Wings! ☺
Angels on his Outfit! ☺
Simple... BUT.... Chic! ♥
Ribbon Wings! Nice! ☺
Very Glassy Christmas elf here!!!  ♥☺♥
Here are the Winners!
Congratulations to: Ramon Barican, Joie Apostol...
and This Year's Runway Angel...

Congratulations Marella Camille Custodio! ♥
Every Fashion has a Chain walk, don't for get that! ☺

Moderator: Ricky Villanueva
Models:  Aveena Robyn,  Miguel Pandez,  Pam Dela Cruz,  Nicolette Reynancia,  Rey Gamboa,  Isel Guiyab,  Kahlea Belonia,  Quennie Abanto,  Bryn Abad,  Adrianne Alino,  Miguel Castro,  Lia Pascual,  Timothy Pilapil,  Claire Reyes,  Jewel Tropa, Carl Laurel,  Mariselle Thenu,  Justin Fajardo,  Alaiza Ong,  Jet Buenaventura,  Sofia Insua,  Alex Aguirre,  Baek Seung Ho, Elisa Kerr... Alumni and Teachers! ♥☺♥

Before the Show ☺:

Friends!!!! ♥
Special Mentions (left to right):Scheska Estioco, Sophia Layugan, Me and Archy Piodos! ♥
(c) Pauline Esquivel! ♥

By the way... Me and Sophia joined the Pep Band and Luckily.. We got In! Yehey!☺
More Power and Please always support me/us! ☺♥♥♥☺
Red and White, Red and White...
Fight-team-Fight! ♥
Nicole ♥
(Photo Credits to: Bene Chronicles 
& Mary Claire Lizarda) ☺

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