Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Wedding

Watch this video about my cousin's wedding ☺


Nicole ♥

(c) blacktieproject on Vimeo ☺

Monday, May 13, 2013


Abbey's 7th @ Jollibee Circumferrential.      
It was fun :)

Happy Birthday Abbey and Happy Mother's day to our grandmother! :*


Monday, March 25, 2013

First Year Life: 7-02 St. Mechtild. ♥

We start as strangers then became friends then of course we became a One Big Family! ♥
I'm so lucky to start in San Beda in these kind of section.. Most of all of us are New Students, only 3 are Old Students... 
Look, 45 Strangers became Friends and United Together and became a Family.
I know that we're just starting is high school life, and now I feel that my first family here is now already going to be separated part.... "Sana Mechtild pa rin pagdating nag second year.:( "
From all the Sections that I know, This Section is the Happiest, Vainest and the Coolest Section I know. ☺
If you Scroll down, you will see all the vain that we did and the memorable things that happened in this section....
In addition, I will add the people that makes me happy and makes me laugh everyday. ♥

This Room is like Our Home here. ☺
Integration ♥

Ms. Integration ☺

Being Part of this. ♥

Hi Yumiko.. We miss ya! We love ya! :(

Our Class Adviser.. Mrs. Sherry Ann Punongbayan-Magno ♥
Field Trip! ☺

Christmas Party! ☺

Thank you lord! For giving as a Place. 
Mechtild's Volleyball Team 2012-'13

Look-a-likes =)) 
Haha! Hi! Kurt and Brego! =))
Hi Den-den and Kathryn Bernardo. =))
"There are Friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family.♥" -Archy☺

I hope you like it! Thanks St. Mechtildians for making my First Year here so Memorable! Love ya! xoxo :*

I Hope that we are Mechtildians no matter what. :*
Mechtild 2012-'13
"Mechtild is always Mechtild!" -Mrs. Punongbayan-Magno ♥
(Credits: Ysabelle Garcia, Marc Gonzales, Kim Martinez,
Bea Salera, Loren Anyayahan and Denise Elizon for those photos)